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what is the best Iranian souvenir?

Traveling to other countries and cities and bringing souvenirs is common in all cultures. But there are not always conditions and facilities for travel, especially traveling abroad. How can we maintain our social relationships in the current situation while the corona virus epidemic has cut off all communication?

Sending gifts and souvenirs to close friends or family can help maintain these relationships and create or establish love and friendship between people in the community. Meanwhile, the Iranian handicrafts online store is ready to introduce and send handicrafts all over the world. We invite traders and importers to make Iranian handicrafts available for applicants by contacting us.

In the following, we will introduce various Iranian handicrafts and suitable souvenir products, and we will introduce the ways of preparing these products to you.

Which Iranian handicraft should we buy as a souvenir?

There are two issues in souvenirs and giving gifts. At first how much you want to spend. Since all the handicrafts we send you have high-quality, do not worry about the originality of the products.  You can focus on your budget. Craft souvenirs can be an exquisite silk carpet or an agate ring. It depends on the customer how much he wants to spend. Otherwise, there is nothing as a bad souvenir.

The second issue in choosing souvenirs and gifts is the taste of individuals. Art and beauty are present in all Iranian handicrafts to perfection and, it is only the customer’s taste that determines which product to choose.

Iranian (Persian) minakari for souvenir

minakari is one of the most popular Iranian handicrafts. In addition to its beauty, this art has good durability and endurance. They can be used as decorative or functional utensils. These dishes, which are mostly made with blue and azure colors, inspire the calm of the blue sky. Due to that these dishes are prepared in the oven at high temperatures, they are very resistant to weather conditions. Also, these dishes are washable and are a very suitable option for souvenirs. The variety of these utensils are very large, some of which we will mention in the following. You can see various types of minakari utensils in the products section of the site.

Iranian enamel plate and vase

The main Iranian pottery dishes produced include enamel plate, enamel vase and set of enamel plate and vase.

minakari vase and plate

Of course, the variety of enamel products, especially enamel plates, is very high, and the price variation is also very high.

minakari vase for souvenir

Minakari wall clock

Another Iranian enamel product that will make your friends always remind you are the enamel wall clock, especially if they are looking for traditional Iranian gifts. These products are very diverse and have very different prices depending on the type of art used them.


Of course, minakari wall clocks are also produced as luxury souvenirs, which use a combination of three arts of minakari, inlaid work, and miniature, each of which gives special beauty to the products.

khatam and mina wall clock

As you can see in the picture above, three arts have been used in these exquisite wall clocks. In the artwork, high-quality raw materials, brass wire, and camel bone have been used. In these exquisite wall clocks, different types of miniatures have been drawn, each of which has a special beauty and elegance. Also, the margin around the frame is made of walnut wood.

Now you can choose the right minakari wall clock by considering the cost you want to pay for souvenirs. Of course, it should be noted that in each category, there is a great variety in each group, which includes differences in enamel painting and differences in inlaid work and miniature designs.

Iranian souvenir for lovers of poetry and literature

If you have friends interested in poetry and literature and you want to take souvenirs or gifts for them, join us.

Throughout history, the combination of the two arts has always created new art. such as minakari, which is a combination of blacksmithing and painting. Another of these collaborations is the combination of Persian literature with various handicrafts. For example, writing beautiful poems on enamel dishes has made these dishes more beautiful. Of course, you can see this style of art in other Iranian handicrafts, such as inlaid work and engraving.

minakari with writting

Depending on the culture of each country, different writings can be implemented on these dishes. Writings such as Quranic verses, poems of famous poets and short sentences of the greats of each country. You can buy the desired souvenirs according to the interests of your friends.

Turquoise dishes for souvenir

Turquoise utensils are very exquisite in addition to their beauty. that is why the precious turquoise stone has been used in their preparation. Since the best turquoise stone in the world is located in Nishabour-Iran turquoise stone mines, you can buy the main turquoise dishes with confidence from our website and give them as gifts to your family and friends.

turquoise vase set

Despite the polyester layer, these dishes are resistant to weather conditions and humidity and, the turquoise stones will not change color.

You can see various turquoise products including vases, sugar, chocolate, Sangab, etc. on the website. Each of these products is designed in different sizes.

Turquoise jewelry and paintings

Apart from dishes, turquoise stones also are used to produce various other products that are very suitable for gifts and souvenirs. These products include turquoise jewelry such as turquoise rings and necklaces and turquoise frames with various designs.



turquoise inlaying
Painted copper for gifts and souvenir

Painting on copper utensils is one of the new artistic initiatives of Isfahan, which is inspired by traditional patterns and is prepared in elegant and suitable boxes for souvenirs and gifts. These utensils are resistant to moisture and weather conditions despite the polyester layer.

The price of these dishes is more suitable than turquoise dishes and, they can be provided at a lower cost.

Copper and Pardaz containers are produced with different brands that the company will provide the necessary advice with its experience in this field.

Among the reputable and quality brands, the only difference is in the type of design and painting on the products, but all of them are good options for souvenirs according to your taste.

painted copper souvenir


You can see various copper and processing products on the website.

What do foreign tourists usually buy as Iranian souvenirs?

Khatam Kari or inlaid work is one of the Iranian wooden handicrafts that is obtained from a combination of brass wire, camel bone, and wood. Due to the dazzling beauty of this art, tourists mostly choose it as a souvenir. Of course, another reason for the best-selling of this product is the variety of inlaid work products, which include jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammon, chocolate bars, mirrors, pipes, Pen box, napkin box, watch and so on.

inlaid work box

Each of the mentioned items includes dozens of different designs and roles. In addition, each of the products has several different sizes. This unique variety of products has made it possible for customers to prepare souvenirs and gifts according to their taste and desired amount.

The finer the inlay triangles, the finer the inlay, and the more valuable it is.

The wood used in this art is often jujube, orange, maple, and walnut. The wood used should not have knots or cracks. Also, the wood should have a suitable color. Also, the bones used are often the bones of camels, cows, horses, and Ivory is an elephant. Bone is used because of its white color and strength. Artists work hard to create unique souvenirs.

Pottery, the most popular Iranian souvenir

Tourists after visiting the pottery museum in Iran-Tehran, are looking for a place to buy pottery for souvenirs. Tourists in this museum review the history of several thousand years of Iran and get acquainted with the capacities of designing, manufacturing, and producing pottery. pottery, despite their elegance, beauty, and artistry, has a relatively lower price than other Iranian handicrafts, so they are cheaper for souvenirs and gifts.

pottery museuem

The most important city in Iran for the production of pottery is Lalejin city of Hamedan, which is known as the pottery capital of Iran. After Hamedan, Isfahan is in the next rank of pottery production. If tourists visit these cities, it is not possible to leave without buying pottery as a gift or souvenir. These dishes have a lot of decorative and practical variety.

pottery dishes

Archaeologists know the beginning of pottery in Iran and this conclusion has been obtained from pottery works discovered eight to ten thousand years BC in Central Alborz and Bakhtiari mountains. Clay, which is the main constituent of pottery, is found in abundance in this land. Today, many tourists travel to these cities to prepare these authentic Iranian souvenirs.

minakari on pottery, a long-standing Iranian souvenir

minakari on pottery is a combination of the two arts of pottery and minakari. Enamel on pottery needs more maintenance and care than copper enamel, so if you want to give it as a souvenir to your friends, keep in mind that pottery is fragile and needs more care. Products have lower prices than minakari on copper.


The combination of colors used in this product is more than minakari on copper and causes this product to get more attractive.

Hand stamped calico( galamkar), Attractive Iranian souvenir

Qalamkar fabrics are used as tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, bags, napkins, and scarves. So they are a good choice for souvenirs.

The Qalamkar fabric is made of cotton and for this reason, they are very soft. Of course, in some cases, silk, linen, or canvas are also used. The Qalamkar is the art of printing on fabric that is done by hand. In the past, designs, and patterns were drawn by the artist on the fabric, but it was not cost-effective due to its time-consuming nature. Nowadays, they print on fabric using pre-prepared molds. Since the colors used in this product are natural and stable, they will be a good gift for friends and acquaintances and are considered practical Iranian souvenirs.

The production center of the Qalamkar fabric is Isfahan-Iran. This city was the capital of Iran during the Safavid period.

qalamkar fabric

Qalamkar fabrics are produced in three types: round, rectangular and rectangular. The dimensions of these products start from the smallest size of 40 x 40 and vary up to dimensions of 240 x 160. These fabrics are produced in five colors: black, red, blue, green and, yellow. With the easy trade of this art product, you can make it available to those who cannot travel.

The most exquisite Iranian souvenir in the world

Wherever there is talk of Iranian souvenirs, Iranian carpets shine. This art product is world famous. Iranian handmade carpet, which is used as a decoration and is mounted on the wall like a framed painting, is called a carpet.

By looking at Iranian carpets, you will be immersed in a world of design and pattern. Unique roles and designs that make any viewer watch. If you have enough money to buy this product, this product can be a souvenir for celebrities and managers.

Why is Iranian carpet popular all over the world?

1- High quality of raw materials used, especially for silk carpets that use natural silk.

2- Beautiful patterns and motifs, Iranian carpets have a great variety of colors

3- The ancient history of carpet and weaving in Iran dates back to BC.

Most tourists prefer carpets to large carpets for exquisite souvenirs because they are easier to transport and have a lower price.

Many cities in Iran produce Iranian handmade carpets, but the interesting point is that the designs and patterns of each city are different from other cities and, the carpet is known as the same city. For example, Naini carpet (from Isfahan)

In the case of carpets, the city of Tabriz-Iran is known as the capital of carpets in the world. Carpets in terms of the subject of the images include natural landscape, animals, flowers, people, faces, or a combination of the mentioned items. It has the desired carpet for all tastes and makes your choice for preparing gifts or souvenirs easy.

Common sizes of carpets are woven in sizes between 50 * 35, 50 * 70, 70 * 100, 80 * 120, 100 * 150, 200 * 200.

Carpets have attracted a lot of people who are interested in art. This art has many fans not only in Iran but also in other parts of the world such as Europe, America, China, and Arab countries and decorates their homes.

There are many points to consider when buying a carpet. Tips that can greatly increase or decrease the price of the carpet.

To order this precious Iranian souvenir, it is better to buy from reputable handicraft stores to reduce the risk of buying this product to zero by taking advice from handicraft exporting companies such as Grand Company.

Iranian souvenirs do not end here. In the following articles, we will introduce you to other souvenirs of this land. Out of 196 handicrafts of Isfahan, we have briefly explained only a few to you. You can easily get access to hundreds of beautiful and unique Iranian handicrafts by connecting with the Iranian handicrafts online store, and you can have them at home or give them to others without paying travel expenses.





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