grand handicraft company profile

grand handicraft company profile

grand handicraft company introduction

grand handicraft company is stablished in 2014 and with the goal of presenting quality hand crafted goods to interested people and contributed to various fields of crafts including Persian enamels production, packaging and distribution. Craftsmen and artists of this company, each have unique characteristics noticed from all over the country and are chosen for their individual talents, production, innovation and quality, combination of different technics and possession of valid licenses, there for this company having professional forces organizing a network of countries outstanding artists a platform for the production and supplying of genuine and fitting for Up-to-date needs and present its products considering the taste of customer has varied designs with plausible range of prices and unique packaging.

grand handicraft company has this ideal in mind that true craftsmanship be known to all lovers of authentic art around the world. We have this believe in grand handicraft that art is the universal language for it targets ones heart and soul we are gathered with this belief.

grand handicraft company would be a powerful and valued company equivalent of quality and authenticity.

Research and Development

Study and research on handicrafts and culture of the countries of the world and sharing this activity in the form of detailed and appropriate content is a part of companies main activities and grand handicraft by gathering a group of professionals and experienced experts and the formation of a specialized R&D team have been able to review limits of raw materials used to optimize products and overcome common problems delivering innovative products and is proud to support quality production in addition to taking an effective step for the scientific promotion of handicrafts and authentic arts.

Graphic design and photography

A professional photographer has a different view of the world and tries to share it threw hatch of his lens this department is obligated to convey this joy and good vibe to others also the specialist in this department design innovate and produce smartly based on the research and creativity of a traditional or modern handicraft product proposed design and the product manufactured on the basis of it must meet the needs of society and its culture, The product should also be functional and of good quality. These have been evaluated by experts and after verifying and fixing any defects, it will be included in the production cycle of the company. Manufacturing products suited for people daily life is one other activity that artists of this company do.

IT department

grand handicraft company has always put several golden principles as the most important principles for its work one of them which is considered most important is attention to demands and needs of customers and support for presenting products and producing what they desire this company with making an international market of handicrafts gives you the opportunity to visit, select and buy handicrafts from around the world in the shortest possible time this company is responsive to all tastes by diversifying its products.

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Enamel is the art of dust and fire that is combined with art of painting and results in beautiful patterns the literal meaning of it would be blue sky as its base color under patterns usually is if you look at these enamel crafts with art googles it reminds us of beautiful width of sky. This art has 5000 years of history behind it and usually is practiced on copper but can be done on gold and silver producing enamels has different methods but the most common used is enamel painting.

wholasale Enamel

Enamel painting

Enamel painting is the customary way used today and is done from coating premade piece made by a copper craft man in white clear glaze the coating would be done several times and every coating is done in 700c of heat till the texture is fixed then the piece would be painted and again is fired in 400c-500c till the pattern is finished chemical dyes are now used in object painting, while in in the past, the colors used were herbal or mineral. Enamel transparency is also obtained from the presence of tin oxide.

wholasale Enamel painting

Enamel products

Enamel craftsman make different products the most common are plates vases bowls cups picture frames panel frames that are combined with other arts like gilding inlaying Miniature and Jewelry.

Paints used in enamel:

Herbal colors used in chit-making

Mineral colors used in enamel

Metal colors used on pieces

wholasale Enamel products

10 important points for noticing quality enamel with metal base

The enamel infrastructure should be uniform and free of redundant and waste parts, The edges of the infrastructure should be en bloc, free of green color and their surface shall not be cracked the reliance surface should be flat and Enamel glaze should be free of cracks, bumps, shells, bubbles, holes and roughness its concentration should be same in all parts, The surface of the enamel piece should be sufficiently shiny enamels transparency gloss and polish reflects the quality of dye and firing process but if you feel rough on the dish it shows poor quality the thickness of paint and decoration should be the same in all parts and colors should not blend at borders of patterns and be in harmony patterns should be untouched. The motifs must be original and in coloring, the original design is preserved and the brushing should be done with the utmost care. The back of the container should have a high quality glaze with no cracks. Cracks are shows that the dish was overcooked during furnace operation. A quality product has artists name, date of making, series number and etc. carved on them.

To communicate with our experts in Grand handicraft company information about different models of Persian handicrafts, and receiving prices you can apply via WhatsApp chat or call 989131942131.

Turquoise inlaying (turquoise implantation on dishes)

Inlaying turquoises is one of handicrafts done by setting little pieces of turquoise on dishes, Jewelry and decorative objects (from bases of copper, brass, silver, bronze or bronze) in a tile manner using some black polish between the pieces. Number of used stones decreased space between stones and organization of stones used in this art will give the product its artistic value and shows high quality. These days center of this art is Isfahan. Turquoise inlaying art, like many arts, is both decorative and luxurious and since it is used in dishes such as sweets, pots, vases, rosewood and so on, they also have a practical application

copper dishes

handicraft company

Antik art group was established in 2014 and launched the supply of high quality handicrafts to enthusiasts. It could fulfill its role in production, supply and packaging by working in different fields of handicrafts such as enameling.

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