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painted copper

Painted Copper

Copper, whether only used for decorative purposes or not, is a beautiful choice for your rooms. One of the most special points about copper is its resistance to difficult circumstances. You can be sure that your lovely copper handicraft item will be with you in the long run. There are different ways of coloring a copper handicraft item. As you might have heard, there are handicraft items that are solely made by using flames to shape and color the metal. Artists and masters of painting copper also use different colors and their combinations to change copper’s color. 

Color contrast is an old but gold technic that artists and handcrafters use in making Iranian handicrafts. Grand Handicraft offers you an adequate collection of painted copper handicrafts. You may find your favorite size, shape, and color combination in our collection at wholesale price. 

To communicate with our experts, information about different models of Persian handicrafts, and receiving prices you can apply via WhatsApp chat or call 989131942131.

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