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Persian Minakari plate is one of the most popular minakari products. Therefore, they have the most variety in terms of design and size. Minakari plate is produced in Isfahan using the Minakari art

Minakari plate can be installed on the wall or the decor and showcase contract.
16, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 are produced. Also, many different designs such as Islamic, Khatai, Pardaz, flower, and bird, and even Quranic verses are executed on minakari plate, which has completely different prices depending on the style and elegance of the work. In addition, there is a great variety in the engraving designs of these plates, which, if the designs are similar, still distinguishes them. The painting styles used in minakari are very diverse and need to be explained. Below is a different example of a painting style called flowers and birds.

In this work, you can see the style of flowers and birds in the middle of the plate and the Islamic style in the edges of the plate. Also, in some works, the middle of the plate is decorated with Quranic verses.
In addition to the styles used in minakari plates, as mentioned above, there is a lot of variation in their size. Even these minakari plates are used in sets of three with different sizes for wall mounting. Grand handicraft company in collaboration with artists This field has provided a collection of the most diverse minakari plates and if you wish, you can contact us for your orders.

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