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What factors affecting the price of minakari

Due to the variety of minakari and many manufacturers of these popular handicrafts, the price of these products in the market is very different, for example, you can find two minakari plates with the same size and design and different prices. In this article, we examine the factors affecting the price of enamel or minakari

1. What is the effect of copper used in minakari on its price?

One of the invisible and effective factors in the price of minakari products is the use of high purity copper. And the use of copper from smelting used parts is not allowed. If there are impurities in the infrastructure, blisters will appear on the surface of the infrastructure when heating, and also the glazing capability of this type of copper is low. If you prepare a minakari product from this type of copper, its price will be much lower.
The best copper for use in the minakari industry is Kerman copper, which is called factory or board copper.
Another important issue is the thickness of the copper used in the production of minakari products. Considering the world price of copper, the thickness of the copper used has a significant effect on the cost of minakari products. The minimum thickness of copper metal should not be less than 0.8 mm. If it is less than this amount After heating in the glazed furnace on the minakari infrastructure will be scaly or cracked. So when buying minakari dishes, it is better to pay attention to their weight before considering the price of the product. Especially that the low thickness makes the product easily damaged and impacted.

2- Increasing the value of engraved minakari dishes

There are two methods in preparing minakari infrastructure dishes, and the choice of each method has a great impact on the price of minakari dishes.
The first method is to use press containers prepared by the machine. In this method, a special mold for a plate, vase, or any other desired object is placed between the mold and the clamp of the device. When the sheet is rotated by a rod with a perfectly rounded head, the weight is bent on the mold with pressure. Producing infrastructure from this method is faster but less expensive. In the second method, because they prepare the desired shapes by preparing the infrastructure by master engraving, it naturally has a higher price. The process of engraving on minakari substrate containers is as follows: the prepared minakari objects such as pots or plates are placed in a special bitumen and the desired designs are created on them by the engraving tools. After engraving the existing bitumen inside or under the products, it is emptied and ready. Glazing is done for the stage. So, of course, doing these steps has a huge impact on the cost of the product.
At present, 90% of minakari plates are pressed, but designs of other products are created by engraving.

3- Glaze preparation and its effect on the price of minakari products:

Another factor that affects the appearance and quality and consequently the price of minakari dishes is glazing. At this stage, minakari products are glazed white, and this step is done 3 or 4 times, and in each step, the dish is heated in an oven at about 750 degrees to fix the color of the glaze. Minakari glaze should be free of cracks, paleness, crust, holes, and roughness, and another important point is that the outer surface of the product must be uniform and healthy. The result is that the value of minakari dishes can be recognized from their glaze. Even by touching these dishes, you can recognize the quality of the glaze to some extent.

4- The effect of painting on the value of minakari:

Another criterion that plays a decisive role in the quality and artistic value of minakari dishes is the role and patterns used in the production of minakari dishes. Patterns and drawings used in two ways can give value to the minakari. The first is the style of painting used and the other is elegance and precision in implementing the chosen style.
The painting styles used in minakari are very different, which can be called eslimi or arabesque, Khatai, Pardaz or processor, flower and bird styles, all of which are of Iranian origin. The artist must spend more time using the styles of pardaz and flower and bird, they also need more precision and elegance. For this reason, the value and price of these dishes are higher compared to eslimi(arabesque) and Khatai designs.

Another important point in high-quality minakari painting is that its patterns and drawings have been done with great care. and the colors used in minakari products do not overlap. Such a painting has a high artistic value and has a great impact on the price of minakari. What makes two enamel products with the same weight, size, and design, different prices, is the precision and elegance in the implementation of enamel designs. The more time an artist spends on the work, the more its value increases.

Eslimi design(arabesque)

Flower and bird design

Eslimi design(arabesque)
Eslimi design(arabesque)
Flower and bird design
Flower and bird design
Pardaz (processor) design
Pardaz (processor) design

5. The value of artworks according to the artist’s signature:

As with any art form, many artists work in the field of minakari. Some of these artists have a long history and fame, and some are young and novice artists. That is why the name of the artist or his logo in a corner of the work gives it a special value. The signature of the artists known as the product identification can significantly increase its value.

Sample of Signed artwork
Sample of Signed artwork

6- Reducing the price of minakari products in wholesale:

If the customer orders to buy a large volume of handicraft products, these products will be offered to the customer at a wholesale price. Only in the case of wholesale, the products are offered to the customer at a cheaper price without any reduction of quality.

7- The effect of coordination in design and color on the price of minakari dishes:

Sometimes the design of the minakari work may be extremely delicate and accurate, but the colors do not have the necessary proportions and coordination with the design, or vice versa, which is very important in the final evaluation of the work.
There are other factors that if not observed will reduce the quality and thus reduce the price of minakari products, which are mentioned below. Minakari dishes should not have sharp edges and extra fringes.
If the minakari products are composed of several pieces and then joined together, this connection should be done by soldering in such a way that the side parts are completely connected to the main part and there is no distance between them.
As mentioned above, several factors are effective in the price of minakari, in which you can make the best choice with the help of company consultants.

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