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Minakari or Vitreous Enamel is one of the oldest Persian handicrafts that one can find. Mina, which means blue sky in Persian, refers to the special blue color used in Minakari works. Historically used by Persian loyal families, Minakari works to enhance the beauty of modern decorations with its enchanting colors. There are many objects on which you can find Iranian Minakari such as vases, sculptures, and even ancient doors and windows.

The Persian artists of Minakari perform their art on gold, silver, copper, and earthenware. The most incredible pieces of minakari are golden, but copper minakari is the most common minakari items are copper and earthenware. Made at around 800°C, Minakari artists and handcrafters have to repeat the process continually to stable the color of the mina. Minakari pieces are made with the best quality to tolerate such high temperatures. Handicraft items with Minakari (Mina in Persian) are diverse in color, which suggests endless beauty to bright places. A mina contains different colored glasses and can reflect light beautifully. You will find remarkable minakari pieces in Grand Handicraft with guaranteed quality.

Iranian Minakari is one of the well-known handicrafts that has five thousand-year histories. Iranian Minakari is mostly fused with copper but it can be merged with gold and silver as well. Vitreous minakari is a piece of metal that is shaped into a dish, glazed, decorated with Arabesque design as well as floral pattern, and finally baked.

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