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Handmade pottery dishes for sale /sofal dishes

Here, we introduce you the types of pottery dishes and their major production centers, then we provide the necessary guidance for buying high-quality pottery dishes so that you can get to know the quality of export quality dishes and their prices. And also examples of simple, glazed, and enameled pottery will be presented.

What is the most common type of pottery?

Pottery is making containers with clay, and the containers made in this way are called Pottery, which is called “Sofal” in Persian. These containers are one of the oldest human creations. To store water and food and meet their needs, humans made pottery containers in various shapes, and explorers believe that the oldest examples in the world are related to 14,000 years before Christ. With the passage of time and the progress of mankind, this industry also evolved and the pottery became decorated with beautiful patterns.

pottery dishes are different based on the type of soil that is used in them, and in different parts of the world, according to the conditions and culture of that country, a special type is produced and is considered, for example, in China, white colored pottery dishes are produced using porcelain. They are shiny. Another method is to prepare these dishes from clay to which glaze has been added, which makes them look white and shiny.

pottery pitcher with porcelain glaze
glazed pottery

 The use of glaze created a revolution in the preparation of pottery because by using colored glazes they create pottery with different colors.

Another type of pottery that is produced in Iran and is more popular than other types is enameled pottery (minakari on pottery), which is a combination of the art of enameling and pottery.

We will continue to explain it further.

Best-selling pottery items

Pottery products have a great variety, which can be mentioned as plates, vases, bowls, chocolate bowls, and mugs, but considering that each of these pottery products is made in dozens of designs and models, they cater to all tastes and you can enjoy See a wide range of this variety in the website catalog.

However, among all the products, the best-selling pottery is bowls, plates, and mugs. Also, pottery enameling is more popular than simple pottery dishes, and the reason for that is the use of a wide range of colors, which has made these products more attractive.

Pottery price guide:

Various factors influence the price of pottery, which we will briefly describe:

Pottery dishes are produced in three different types

Unglazed pottery:

jug unglazed pottery
jug unglazed pottery

 which are available in the market in a simple form and are cheaper than other types, these dishes must

be completely symmetry and the surface should not have cracks or dents.

Pottery with color and glaze:

glazed pottery bowl
glazed pottery bowl

 These dishes are sold in the market with various colors and designs, as well as glaze, in their production,        in addition to controlling the above-mentioned items, the purity and concentration of the glaze should also be taken into consideration, especially that the glaze should be uniformly placed on the surfaces. Glazed pottery is more expensive than plain pottery. The wide variety of designs and colors of glazed earthenware makes them more attractive and somehow covers all tastes.

Enamel (minakari) pottery:

plate and bowl minakari on pottery
plate and bowl minakari on pottery

The art of enameling is mainly done on copper metal, and enameling on pottery is a combination of the two arts of enameling and pottery, which doubles the value of this product. The artist must have patience and great care in preparing this product, because after creating a pattern All parts of the dishes must be glazed, due to the wide range of colors used, pouring the glaze on the surfaces of these dishes takes a lot of time and requires a lot of precision because while the entire surface of the dish must be glazed, the volume of the glaze should not be excessive. After preparation, the surface of these dishes should be smooth and polished and also without cracks.

Pottery manufacturers in the world:

Today, many countries in the world produce ceramic pottery, such as China, Portugal, England, Thailand, Germany, and America, but the production of pottery in the traditional way is mainly produced in Iran so making pottery has become an art. It is also exported to other parts of the world, and as mentioned earlier, these dishes are produced in three types: simple and unglazed, glazed, and enameled.

Almost every part of Iran has been engaged in making pottery at different times, but now most of the desert cities of Iran such as Hamadan, Semnan, and part of Baluchistan and South Khorasan are producing pottery according to the civilization of that region and this variety of products has caused We want to supply pottery to the market for the taste of all the countries of the world.

Nevertheless, the city of Laljin Hamedan is considered the capital of Iran’s pottery production. Lalejin means the city of tulips. This city is one of the tourist attractions of Hamedan province with a history of a thousand years, and various types of practical, decorative, and ceramic pottery are produced there. In 2016 during a celebration, this city was registered as the world city of pottery. One of the reasons for the prosperity of pottery in this city is the high-quality clay that is mixed with the art of this city.

Pottery wholesale suppliers:

As we mentioned above, different cities of Iran produce pottery according to the culture of that land, and we will mention them here.

Lalejin: Located in Hamedan city, which has the largest share in the production of all kinds of pottery. Lalejin potters use yellow, green, brown, and azure glazes in the preparation of pottery.

Meibod: located in Yazd city, in the famous pottery design in Meibod Yazd, there are “Khorshid Khanum” and “Poultry and Fish” designs.

Kalpurkan: Located in Sistan and Baluchistan, the difference between this pottery is in the way they are glazed, unlike in other regions, they use a special stone called Tituk.

Zenouz: Located in Tabriz, the distinguishing feature of this pottery from the production of other cities is its soil type. The soil of this city is white, which is also sent to other cities

Qom: The pottery of this city is produced in the same old and traditional way

Mazandaran and Gilan: The volume and variety of pottery in these two cities are very large and they have old and prominent artists in this field.

Shahreza: located in Isfahan province, all the fields in this city are covered with red clay, which is the primary material for pottery.

Saveh: The city of Saveh ranks first among the cities of the country not only in the field of pottery but also in the field of pottery.

Semnan: The pottery made in Semnan is at the top of the table in terms of quality.

Pottery materials:


The soil that is mainly used in Iran’s pottery industry is clay. The iron oxide in this soil causes the clay to turn red, ash, or brown after baking.

clay for pottery
pottery clay


One of the most important points in preparing clay is the amount of water used in preparing clay. Using water less than the standard makes the pottery dishes crack easily, and using too much water also loosens the clay and reduces its plasticity.


The glaze is a thick liquid that covers the inner and outer surfaces of dishes. The thickness of this layer should be small and uniform. Glazes used in pottery include lead glaze, alkaline glaze, and ferrite glaze, which are mainly used nowadays.

Handmade pottery sale online:

In Iran, there are more than thousands of pottery manufacturers in different regions of the country, but a large number of them do not have online sales, especially for export, but this company, using the power of experts in this field and quality control of products, is a supplier of standard pottery for export to other countries.

 In addition, the correct packaging of products and having enough experience to send goods to all parts of the world is one of the advantages of this company. With free consultation before buying, you can choose the best pottery product at the best price.

Clay suppliers near me:

As mentioned, many cities in Iran are engaged in the art of pottery, such as Hamadan, Yazd, Tabriz, Sistan Baluchistan, Qom, Saveh, Shahreza, and Semnan. The potters of each city use the clay mines around them according to their geographical location.

Pottery glaze for sale:

pottery dishes always attract the attention of customers with their shiny layers. This colored and shiny layer which is called the glaze is specially produced. Of course, it should be noted that besides the glaze itself, other factors are also effective in determining the color of the glaze, which are important:

Temperature: because some colors are volatile, the excessive temperature will change the color of the glaze

Kiln space: The inner environment of the kiln and the space where the pottery is placed are effective in changing the color of the glaze

Glaze compounds: The compounds used in the glaze determine the color of the glaze

Combinations of various elements in determining the color of glaze:

Chrome in the composition of glaze from which red, yellow, pink, brown, and especially green colors are produced

Cobalt oxide in the glaze composition from which pink or purple colors are produced

Copper oxide and carbonate in the composition of glaze from which turquoise, dark blue, and green colors are obtained

Manganese dioxide in the composition of the glaze from which blue or purple colors are produced

Iron oxide in the composition of the glaze, which creates a range of colors from light gray to deep brown

Rutile or titanium mineral that causes light gray color.

Pottery wheel:

pottery wheel
pottery wheel

Pottery wheel has different types according to their application, including

Wooden pottery wheel (foot): This wheel is moved by the potter’s foot and is suitable for home use

Metal potter’s wheel: It is the most common potter’s wheel used by master potters

Pedal Pottery Wheel: Suitable for teaching and children     

Miniature Pottery Wheel: It is suitable for making all kinds of small clay pots and knuckles.

How to know high-quality pottery:

1-Clay vessels should have symmetry and its body should be smooth and elegant

2- Under no circumstances should lead glaze to be used in them because it is harmful to health.

3-Glazing must be done carefully and skillfully so that no part of the dish is left unglazed and the glaze does not burn on the surface of the body.

4- There should be no needle tip holes on the surface of the glaze, these bubbles are the result of air escaping from the glaze during firing or firing pottery at low temperature.

5- There should be no dandruff on the surface of the pottery.

Is pottery a good business?

The production of pottery requires knowledge, experience, and skill, and the production of pottery in Iran is unique due to its age, and it has even made it difficult to copy, and due to the variety of designs, colors, and quality that exist in this pottery.

Many countries are buyers of these dishes, among which we can mention exports to Germany, America, England, and France. Also, the market of the Middle East countries today has a capacity of more than 100 million dollars to import all kinds of glazed and unglazed clay dishes.

 Among these countries are Iraq, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. In general, the production, buying, and selling of pottery is a very good market for investment.

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