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In this page, you can see different models of persian Minakari vase for sale . Minakari vase has many fans all over the world. Due to the special design style and long history of the vase , these vases are popular in most Arab, European and Asian countries.

The minakari vases you see on this page are called enamel. These products are among the handicrafts of Iran and have a history of more than 2000 years. Enameling is the art of painting on a metal surface (in enamel pots painting on copper). These containers are made by hammering and forming copper and do not break due to impact.

After the copper vessel is formed, painting on it begins, which is a time-consuming process and requires great care. Enamel pots are produced in different designs and patterns. The combination of color and painting that is drawn on the vase has a great impact on its beauty. The person who paints and makes the body has a great impact on the beauty and the final price of the product.

All the minakari vases you see on this page are enamel and are for sale.
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