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Iranian wall clock

Wall clock is one of the basic accessories of any home or workplace, and due to the great variety of wall clocks, it can be said that there is a desirable clock for all tastes. And if you love works of art, there is a unique variety of wall clock Iranian handicrafts. In the following, we will introduce you to examples from this collection.

Enamel wall clock

These wall clocks, like enamel plates, are made of copper plates, painted in blue and azure colors, and are very relaxing and eye-catching. In addition to being functional, these enamel clocks will decorate homes and offices. If used properly, these beautiful clocks can last for many years.

A combination of different arts has been used in minakari wall clocks, which can be mentioned as follows.

Enamel and inlaid work (khatam Kari) wall clock

In this type of wall clock, the clock face is made of minakari art and the frame around the clock is made of khatam Kari art. The art of inlaid work is also very diverse and is made of raw materials of wood, camel bone, and brass rods.

Wall clock with minakari, inlaid work, and miniature

In this type of clock, in addition to the previous two arts, miniature art has been used on the edge of the clock frame. Miniature with four different designs, each of which reflects the taste of the artist

Wall clock with minakari, inlaid work, miniature, and engraving arts.

Collecting four original Iranian arts in a clock has made it a unique work. The use of engraving designs such as flowers and birds or other designs at the bottom of the frame has made it very attractive and spectacular. A sample of this combination can be found on the website.

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