Persian handicrafts suppliers

Persian handicrafts suppliers

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If you have searched for a handicraft store near you, you might have seen Persian handicraft items. Iran is widely known as a great producer and exporter of petroleum product, but handicrafts are of the most precious and underrated products of Iran. Persians have historically been capable handicraft manufacturers and have offered a wide variety of useful handiworks, utilizing their equipment as best they could.

Grand handicraft is a trusted handicraft store that aims to present Persian handicrafts and the ancient history that they offer. We try to provide the best Iranian artworks for our clients. Grand handicraft was established in 2014 and launched the supply of high-quality handicrafts to enthusiasts. It could fulfill its role in production, supply, and packaging by working in different fields of handicrafts such as enameling.

Persian handicrafts, as an ancient form of art, have survived difficult climates through centuries. These legacies were passed down to us, and now we have access to them through online shops. Handicrafts are notable parts of our lives since they represent our cultures and their diversity. This diversity is also a result of the collaboration that different ethnic groups have made so that they could gain their mutual goals.

Coronavirus pandemic, though dangerous, has not been able to stop our plans, and we have been trying nonstop to promote Persian handicrafts. Thanks to our online handicraft store, we can preserve the relation between Persian art lovers and handicraft manufacturers.

In this article, we will introduce some of the most notable pieces of Persian handicrafts, and the contribution of Grand Handicraft as a Persian handicraft supplier.

Painted Copper

Copper has always been an inspirational metal in Persian handicrafts and its historical usage has manifested its importance. Copper, an uncut gem, is a suitable choice for both making decorative items and cooking purposes. Copper handiworks show a great deal of resistance against pressure and chemical reactions, which means you will enjoy utilizing copper handicrafts in the long run.

Our online shop has a great variety of painted copper handicrafts. A painted copper sugar bowl is a great choice to sweeten your drinks and time at the same time.

The painted copper sweet dish is a stylish way to organize your sweets and give your coffee table a new design. Available in different sizes, it offers beauty and strength simultaneously. A painted copper Gaz dish, as a painted copper item, is a lovely choice for your office or room. However, you do not necessarily need to feel it with Gaz (a Persian sweet) to enjoy its beauty!

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Grand Handicraft and High-quality Copper Dishes

We all have seen the beauty and elegance of copper utensils before. We know that this elegance comes with remarkable strength and solidity, which generally makes copper dishes great Persian handicrafts. Copper dishes are not solely Persian handicrafts, but when it comes it comes to quality, they are among the top ones. As you know, nowadays copper utensils are made in large quantities in companies. However, he who wants an artistic and unique piece of copper has to reconsider before purchasing a machine-made dish. A hand-forged copper dish can introduce the qualities that machine-made products do not possess.

In our online handicraft store, there is a large variety of copper items that you may utilize for serving food or decoration. With our copper kettle, you can have your old school tea, while the thin layer inside the kettle will guarantee the best taste. Copper pans and pots not only are solid and long-lasting, but they will also transfer the heat so fast and ensure the quality of food.

All these points about the high quality of copper dishes and items signify that they can be costly utensils. However, Grand Handicraft offers the best qualities of copper items at an economical price. High-quality copper items and economical prices alongside the originality of our piece of craftsmanship will guarantee your satisfaction. On our handicraft online shopping site, you can see several photos of each product and description to make sure you choose your favorite copper item.

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People who are familiar with the art of Minakari may think about a special celeste blue color when they hear about it. Minakari (Vitreous enamel) artists and handcrafters can apply this special color thanks to the pieces of metal or the special paint color. Grand handicraft is an online handicraft store that offers a diverse collection of Mina so that you can choose the items that suit your needs and taste better. Minakari items are available in different forms such as plates and bowls which you can use for different purposes, or hand-made Minakari wall plates. Grand handicraft, as a Persian handicraft suppliers, allows you to look for your favorite Mina and buy handicrafts online. Minakari wall plates are great choices as their special color can give a new style to your office and rooms. There are astonishing Mina vases of different sizes, made mostly from copper, but your options do not end here. You can serve your ice cream in a Minakari ice cream dish & dessert bowl, which you can buy on our handicraft online shopping site. You can light your office or your dinner table with lovely minakari candlesticks. To decorate your modern coffee table, you can place our antique minakari chocolate dish on it and make a stylish contradiction.

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Turquoise Inlaying

Having a historical elegance, turquoise is one of the most distinguished gemstones that one can find in Persian handicrafts. This fact signifies that turquoise inlaying (Firooze Koobi in Persian) has enjoyed great popularity in recent decades. If you want to buy handicrafts online, you probably have noticed the eye-catching beauty of turquoise and its color. Handcrafters, who are specialized in turquoise inlaying, know that one of the marvelous characteristics of turquoise is the way it reflects light and makes colors. Turquoise contains a variety of metals inside such as copper and aluminum and this is one of the reasons that it can reflect colors so beautifully. This attractive reflection of the color is long-lasting as a polyester layer keeps the turquoise from having chemical reactions.

Grand Handicraft, as one of the most creative Persian handicrafts suppliers, offers loads of turquoise inlaid handicraft items. Available in different sizes, turquoise inlaying vases are lovely choices when their astonishing colors combine with the natural beauty of flowers. The turquoise flying saucer is another creative item that provides your table with a useful, and yet unique and cute item.

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