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The most popular Iranian copper dishes in online copper shop

Copper handicrafts and copper dishes are among the most popular dishes produced around the world that are used in many fields. Grandhandicraft is an online copper shop and  In this article, we want to talk to you about different types of copper dishes. To communicate with our experts, information about different models of copper dishes, and receiving prices you can apply via WhatsApp chat or call 989131942131.

Copper utensils have a long history and were used by our ancestors from a very distant past. This is one of the reasons why many of us today use these dishes for various purposes.

In this article, we want to talk to you about the types of copper dishes for sale and introduce different types of antique copper dishes. In general, many different types of copper utensils can be used in a variety of contexts.

If you are also curious to know more about this and want to know the types of these dishes and understand how to use them, and also want to increase your knowledge about the benefits of using copper dishes, we suggest that you follow us to the end of this article because we will talk to you more about this later.

In general, copper utensils, in addition to being a very good option for cooking due to their rapid heat transfer, also have many benefits for our health.

In the following, we will talk to you more comprehensively and completely about the health benefits of these dishes. These dishes also have a stunning beauty, which makes these dishes a good option for decoration.

These dishes are used as a base for enameling, and enameled dishes are a very suitable and excellent option for decoration.

Some points about persian copper dishes

Introducing different types of copper dishes

Note that copper dishes or in other words, Iranian copper dishes are designed and produced in different types.

Note that these utensils are categorized into different types like antique copper pots, revere copper kettles, antique copper coffee pots, vintage copper pans as well as copper pots, copper trays, copper cups, copper pitchers, and various other products, which we want to discuss more comprehensively.

Note that depending on the conditions and use of these containers, they produce in different thicknesses and designs; to be able to satisfy the needs of customers.

These dishes are fully adapted to the conditions of use and can be very practical in addition to aesthetics and satisfy all your needs.

Note that copper is not only used to make copper dishes but also used to make different types of tables, as well as other kitchen utensils such as trash cans and chandeliers.

In general, as much as copper is used to make cooking dishes, the special properties of this metal for decorative and aesthetic aspects have also been considered.

we suggest you accompany us to the end of this article because we will talk to you about different copper dishes.

Introducing different types of copper dishes

Antique copper pots

The antique copper pot is one of the most popular and suitable copper dishes. These pots can be used with a copper kettle as a great set for brewing different types of drinks.

In addition to using a copper pot, you can use a few sets of copper glasses and a copper tray to have a complete set for your tea service. Note that copper pots can be made entirely of copper or they can have a copper mold and their body is made of glass.

Teapots that are made entirely of copper are a good option for brewing tea, but teapots that have only a mold of copper and their body is made of glass are a good option for both brewing tea and brewing different types of drinks.

However, it is you who can use different types of these teapots according to your taste so that you can make your home decoration more beautiful and use the best option for a copper teapot.

Dishes such as dizi pot can also be used for cooking persian food such as abgoosht.

Revere copper kettle

Another dish that is made of copper raw material is revere copper kettle. We have already told you that in general, copper kettles and pots should be used in combination with each other so that they can show their beauty to the fullest and their efficiency can be seen more than before.

Note that copper kettles are heavier than other kettles, but these kettles are of very high quality and can bring water to a boiling point and purify it at a very high speed. The water inside the copper kettle reaches the boiling point much faster because this metal has a very high conductivity.

In addition, kettles made of copper metal are very popular, and using them can bring a lot of beauty and help you to get water to a boiling point in the fastest time.

These kettles are usually delivered to their customers in hammered types and can satisfy the needs of customers in any field. Kettles and pots can have a lot of beauty with them and can help you enjoy delicious drinks and teas.

As mentioned earlier, copper kettles and pots can remove all the salts and impurities in the water and provide high-quality boiling water.

Quality boiling water eventually results in very fragrant and delicious teas, which can greatly enhance the quality of the tea and teas used and help you enjoy your tea or drink enough.

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Revere copper kettle

Antique copper coffee pot

Other products that are classified as copper handicrafts and copper dishes are pots for making coffee. These beautiful dishes are eye-catching and are designed and produced in various sizes.

Note that the manufacture of these dishes is designed and produced in various and very beautiful forms.  Most of the different types of antique copper coffee pots were usually hammered or different types of other tools were used to decorate these pots.

These teapots have handles of their material that can be coated with a variety of non-conductive materials so that you do not have a problem when using them because copper metal is very conductive and can heat up quickly.

However, another widely used copper utensil is coffee teapots, which are used in various places such as houses, coffee houses, and cafes.


Vintage copper pans

Another very common tool made of copper is copper pans. In general, copper dishes such as copper pots and pans are in the category of copper cookware, which can have many benefits in terms of cooking and health for us.

As mentioned earlier, these dishes transfer heat at very high speeds, which makes food cook at high speeds and of good quality.

Of course, today, with the advancement of science, different types of alloys are used to make these dishes to improve the quality of food cooked in these dishes. The inside of the copper utensils used for cooking is usually white to make them suitable for cooking.

Note that these dishes can cook the food you need with very high quality, but you should try to pay attention to various points when buying. For example, thicker dishes are usually of better quality and can cook your food faster and with better quality. These dishes are also designed and produced in various designs and shapes to suit the tastes of customers.

However, copper pans are among the most popular copper handicrafts that are used in various fields and satisfy the needs of their customers.

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Containers for guests

Other utensils that fall into the category of copper dishes are utensils for guests.

These dishes include different types of dishes, each of which can be a great option to use. Note that these containers are usually produced with one-shape designs so that they can be used as a set.

In addition, you can also use copper tops and cups so that you can have a complete catering utensil in general and use these dishes to easily give services to your guests professionally.

In general, the quality of these dishes is very high and you can return these dishes to their original state by washing them and making them much brighter and more beautiful than before.

These dishes are also designed and produced in various sizes. In general, the dishes that are designed and produced for the services of guests are among the most beautiful dishes of copper handicrafts, because the dishes for the giving services to guests must have a sense of luxury and beauty with them so that they can be very suitable and useful options for guests.

In addition to satisfying your needs, it can also convey a sense of beauty to your guests.

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Copper containers for guests

Copper decorative utensils

Other copper dishes include copper decorative utensils. These dishes are also known as enameled or turquoise dishes.

Of course, different types of simple copper utensils can be known as decorative utensils by themselves, but the manufacturers of copper dishes try their best to satisfy the needs of customers about decorative copper utensils by producing different types of beautiful copper utensils in enameled and turquoise types.

Enameled copper utensils have a very high spiritual value because a lot of effort has been put into producing such utensils.  Turquoise copper utensils also have great material and spiritual value due to the use of turquoise and can bring a lot of beauty to a special decor.

In general, copper dishes that are used for decorative purposes are designed and produced in very amazing and beautiful shapes to satisfy the needs of customers. These utensils can be used as decorative utensils on their own or they can also be used as vases.

Enameled copper utensils are usually designed and produced on a variety of plates, but turquoise copper utensils are designed on a variety of plates and also vases and sugar cans to satisfy the needs of all customers.

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General points that it is better to know about copper handicrafts

In general, copper handicrafts are very sensitive and you must know the points when using and buying them.

In general, when buying, you should pay attention to the weight of the purchased product, its thickness, and its elegance and beauty, so that you can buy a valid product, and also try to pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer of these dishes.

Older brands usually produce high-quality dishes. Another thing to keep in mind about copper utensils is that it is very important to pay attention to how the utensils are stored and cleaned.

Copper utensils are very sensitive and if they are used for a long time or in a special environment, they can lose their clarity and beauty.

For this reason, you should clean your copper utensils from time to time so that you can restore their transparency and beauty. In this case, you can use tomato paste, onion juice, or lemon juice. These materials can restore radiance and clarity to your dishes.

In this way, you should occasionally wet the copper utensils with water and then with a clean cloth, rub one of the materials that we have said on the utensils and let these materials make the beauty and transparency of your utensils.

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General points that it is better to know about copper dishes


In this article, we have tried to talk to you about different types of copper dishes and tell you what types of these utensils are designed and produced -All models are available in our copper shop

We also talked to you a little bit about the benefits of these dishes and told you how they can affect both the health and quality of the food used. If you have decided to buy some of these copper utensils after reading this article so that you can enjoy the amazing benefits of using these copper dishes, we suggest that you consult a reputable seller.

One of the sites and dealers that are very famous in this field is grandhandicrafts which is known as a seller and dealer of the copper industries and can help you to buy different types of copper dishes with any design, color, size, and quality.

However, if you are also active in the field of buying copper utensils and you want to use these utensils both in your decoration and in your kitchen, you need to go to a reputable seller in this field.

Grandhandicraft copper shop is a seller of various copper utensils. You can see different models of copper utensils from the online store. We suggest that you contact our support after visiting the products through WhatsApp. It is possible to send bulk copper utensils all over the world.

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