Grand Art Company started its activity in 2014 as a handicrafts world corporation . This company offers original Iranian handicrafts to customers all over the world. By using the experience of major handicraft exports, the company has facilitated the handicraft trade process.

Grand Company, while providing free pre-purchase consultation to dear customers, provides the possibility of choosing the most suitable product for them.

Also, the company’s customer service will be with the customers in all stages of ordering, packaging, and sending the product, and will inform the customers about the status of their order by informing them via SMS or social networks. This process continues even after the delivery of the goods to ensure the accuracy of the goods delivered to customers.

All the products of the company have a guarantee and the originality of the goods and the packaging of the products is done by the export needs to protect the product from the possible damages and blows and its decorative aspect.

Grand Company will meet the tastes of customers by offering products in a wide range of variety and prices.
The artists of this collection, each of which has a unique feature, have been identified from all over the country and have been selected based on their special ability, innovation in production, the combination of different techniques, having valid certificates, and high quality of their products.

Grand Art Group provides you with access to Iranian artistic and creative handicrafts with a specific identity card and quality images and videos to reach your desired art style among a multitude of new ideas and various styles, and by sightseeing. In this international market, you will encounter a unique variety of products and art supplies.

Grand Audience can receive a variety of information in the field of handicrafts and traditional arts on websites and social networks.