Copper handicrafts

Copper handicrafts

Persian copper handicrafts for sale

Copper handicrafts are recently made of copper sheet and through hot and cold hammering. In this method an artist uses traditional metal working tools such as hammer and anvil to make the copper dish.

Coppers dishes are among the most beautiful pieces of Iranian handicraft that you can find. You can use these ancient and yet stylish dishes for both food and decoration. Copper is a tough metal and can preserve its original shape once the handcrafter has made the item. More importantly, we offer all the advantages of copper handicrafts at an economical price. Copper dishes are typically layered with tin to make sure that you can use them safely (In industries, it is possible to electroplate the dish as well). However, not all the body is layered with tin. The external body of copper dishes is pure copper so that you can enjoy the astonishing beauty of copper.

In this page, you can see copper products list such as dizi potcopper spoons and forkscopper ladles, etc. On this page, you will also see Copper Items for Kitchen

Grand handicraft is a Copper products manufacturer in Isfahan – Iran. We can provide you with a wide variety of copper handicrafts with excellent quality and reasonable prices. We offers you a vast variety of copper handicrafts so that you can choose what coincides with your purpose.

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