turquoise inlaying set

what is the best Iranian souvenir?

Traveling to other countries and cities and bringing souvenirs is common in all cultures. But there are not always conditions and facilities for travel, especially traveling abroad. How can we maintain our social relationships in the current…
minakari on pottery

How to buy original minakari on pottery?

Minakari on pottery is a combination of the two great arts of pottery and minakari. The art of minakari is done by creating designs and patterns on metals such as gold, silver, copper, and jewelry. It is used to inspire a kind of relaxation. The…
Turquoise Inlaying

What is Firooze Koobi or Turquoise Inlaying?

Turquoise inlaying (called Firooze Koobi in the Persian language) is an Iranian art of combining turquoise with metals such as copper, brass, silver, nickel, or bronze. Firooze (which was named initially "Pirouzeh" meaning victory in the Persian…
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