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Turquoise inlaying

Turquoise inlaying is modern Persian art. Turquoise inlaid handicraft items were first made decades ago and have gained significant popularity since then.

One of the most astonishing beauties of turquoise Inlaid handicraft items is the elegant blue color that turquoise reflects. Turquoise is a rare gemstone that is used in Iranian handicrafts due to its beauty. Turquoise or Firooze is used in the production of many other handicrafts such as rings.

Those pieces of turquoise that are smaller are specially used in turquoise Inlaying. But before turquoise Inlaying, there are many other processes to do on turquoise handicrafts. Another artist has to make the copper, silver, or earthenware body of the item.

It has to be especially smooth so that turquoise Inlaying can install the turquoise pieces on it. The artist uses a specific hot-melt glue to install the turquoise pieces.

After these processes, a dark substance fills the holes among the turquoise pieces which makes the handicraft items more beautiful. At last, polishing will reveal the real beauty of a Turquoise Inlaid item.

Turquoise inlaying is an art in which raw metal dishes are decorated with a gemstone called turquoise, polished and finally covered by a polyester layer to be protected from damage and enhance its beauty as well.

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